About Us

Wrapture Boutique is an online boutique based in Winnipeg, MB. We release custom collections changing with the Prairie seasons that feature timeless purses, handbags, and everyday classic jewelry.


We are woman-run and passionate about creating a beautiful lifestyle for everyone to find their unique self in. Wrapture pieces reflect our empowered community that seeks out and redefines elegance. 


Our boutique experience allows you to select from limited designs of thoughtfully curated pieces. It also means that we stay accessible to you and ensure that you open your signature Wrapture Boutique box to absolute delight.


At Wrapture Boutique, we believe in the expression of your unique beauty and encourage you to feel empowered in your everyday style. We curate classic, functional collections with pieces to accompany you in every season. 


Our lifestyle collections are curated in the Prairies for the Maritimes to the B.C. Mountains. For everyone, from boardrooms and networking events to campuses and airliners. Find your perfect everyday bag for every occasion.


Wrapture Boutique launches exclusive collections that are curated to always be timeless, functional, and fairly priced accessories to elevate your everyday style.




your Wrapture Boutique team